A farmer saves his organic products thanks to … cats!

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We are seeing more and more producers who try organic farming to stay afloat and to offer more products to their customers. But who says organic says different problems than those they already know like for example: how to get rid of rodents without using chemicals? This is a question that a farmer of the Somme has asked himself and who has probably found the best solution against rodents: cats!

Protect plants with animals

In order for farmers to be able to call products from “organic” farming, they must follow certain rules such as not using chemicals or fertilizers on their plantations, but they can not use either products against rodents and other animals. There are already solutions against aphids that are eaten by ladybugs, but we never thought to use cats for rodents!

It is a market gardener, Jean-Pierre Demailly, who lives in the Somme in France who developed this solution after being infested by rodents who had eaten his cabbages! He first tried classic methods like rat traps but it did not work. Then a client offered to try with cats. Which would be a good solution for his crops and also for cats!


The market gardener decides to take cats from a shelter near his farm. He only has to offer them a roof and feed them so that these cats are his. For his rodent problems, he only has to watch his cats get to work. And cats have room to hunt! No less than 15,000 square meters to rake on the area of ​​32 hectares!

This is a solution that allows cats to find a home and Jean-Pierre to harvest its products in time without being gnawed!

Are cats effective?

Since the arrival of the cats in his farm, the farmer noticed that his plantations were less attacked than before and that he found small rodents dead from time to time on his domain. We can say that cats do their job! This is an example that could inspire other operators in the future.

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