Discovering Kin-ball, a sport like no other

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There are more and more unusual sports around the globe, and this one is no exception. Here is a new sport that does not talk much about him but which nevertheless spreads more and more on the French territory. Here is a small overview of this sport called Kin-ball.

It’s a sport that comes from Canada and was created in 1986 by a Quebecker. It is a discipline that requires a ball of 1.22 m in diameter, three teams on a small field that measures the equivalent of half a field of handball. No goals, no nets. The principle: do not drop the ball on the ground.

The three teams are composed of four players per team and the one who does the service must choose one of the other two teams by its color shouting “Omnikin” for it to try to catch the ball. The first team must try to steer the ball strategically on the court to make it difficult for the opposing team to receive the ball.

It is a sport that promotes solidarity and cooperation between players. The size of the ball therefore forces the players not to play personally and to help each other to manage the ball. The ball needs to be held by at least three players for the fourth member of the team to hit the ball to direct him to another spot on the court.

It is a surprising sport that already had more than 300 licensees more than ten years ago and that keeps on climbing. There are strict rules, but players can touch the ball in any way and with any part of their body. Even though the players seem to be enjoying themselves and enjoying the moment, it’s still a serious sport that requires tactics and strategy. A sport for meninges and muscles, what more can you ask for?

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