Dream job: getting paid to go around the world

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Getting paid for traveling around the world as part of your job is too good to be true. Many dream of traveling and discovering the world. But their meager salary and their schedule do not allow them to afford this luxury.

So, getting a job that allows you to travel around the world without spending anything would be a dream for that personal kind. Wearing, it is a possible dream to realize. If tourism companies multiply ads for “dream trades”, it is because they find a great advantage. A 3 in 1 employee who works without counting his hours, a better relationship with the customers. Today, decrypting a marketing strategy has become a necessity with the rise of social networks and blogs.

Make known the brand of a company

To attract more customers, companies are embarking on any kind of marketing approach. A competition for a dream job for example can be open to the general public for the sole purpose of gaining notoriety. Contractors can offer you a large sum to test buildings throughout the French territory in a specific period. This allows them to gain more visibility. Some travel agencies also recruit special envoys to circumnavigate the world for a year. The only motivation is to make the buzz, even if some agencies are hiding.

The lived experience, guaranteed better quality

The first objective is to make known the brand of the company. The second is to put on the service a kind of “tested and approved” label. Experience and experience legitimize the product. Many companies use this technique to do more business. If the customers buy and testify on the internet of the quality of the product, it is a guarantee of decisive quality. The tourism company can therefore offer a job of testing all the entertainment offered by the partners on the site and to tell its experience in the form of a blog post.
Some company bosses open job competition to offer qualitative activities for job seekers. They do it for the simple and good reason to test the maximum benefits without spending a lot.

Get closer to customers

The dream job is also a way to get closer to its customers who at one point no longer hesitate to contact their favorite brand directly. The faithful of Marc Vasco for example, travel every 18 months around the world. The rest of the time, they can travel the world from their couch. The special envoy will do everything in their place. He will go to meet other cultures and share everything via social networks. This same logic is found on online sales. Customers find it hard to trust. Blog posts help to make them understand that there are real people behind the web page. The dream job is often a job in which the employee is a 3 in 1 employee.

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