How to make beautiful holiday pictures

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Smartphones and new digital cameras have simplified and revolutionized photography, allowing us to take all the photos we want during the holidays. Still, making a perfect holiday album has never been easier. Here are some pro tips that will help you take unique and well-made photos.

Take your camera with you everywhere!

It’s always when you least expect it to happen that you want to take a picture. Leaving your camera at the hotel or at the hostel is a very bad idea. Even if you are having coffee or a drink, take it! The trip is always full of photographic opportunities that are never repeated.

So plan ahead and take your camera equipment with you, but keep only what is essential. You can even rely on your smartphone. Remember to charge the battery and avoid breaking your back while carrying a backpack loaded with unnecessary equipment.

Look for what is beautiful and avoid photographing monuments:

Do not hesitate to take pictures of everything that touches you and seems interesting. But it is important that your shots are unique and carry your personal touch. Giving your own vision to where you are traveling will prevent you from falling into the copy or the already seen.

Everyone has already taken a picture of the Eiffel Tower or the tower of Pisa. You can have a nice picture if you do, but not an original photo! If you really want to take a picture of a monument, try to take a different point of view.

Take your time :

Do not make the tourist in a hurry to see you all, you have to live every moment and enjoy every moment. Take the time to discover each place with patience and do not hesitate to dwell on every detail that seems interesting to you.

The first rule that must be adopted to have time and enjoy every second: get up early! In the morning and the best time of the day to take pictures. If you are not the type to get up in the morning, just plan the days when you get up early from the beginning of your trip.

Photographing people:

The local inhabitants are part of the specificities of each region. Even if portraits do not interest you, force yourself to include people in your photos from time to time. People illustrate the characteristics of each place, the way of life and the customs.
Even if you stay in the same country, be sure that each region is different. Yet, it seems easier to take a picture of what differentiates the inhabitants of a region when one is in a country with a culture much more different than ours.

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