Lab-Grown Diamonds For Their Rings

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According to the US Census Bureau, the average age of marriage (27.4 years old) is the HIGHEST IT’S BEEN in recorded history. This spike in age has brought about many other changes in regards to weddings and engagements alike.

For example, more and more couples are either helping to pay or completely paying for their own weddings. The higher age of marriage has helped push couples to put more thought into what they want out of their proposal, engagement, wedding and their future together.

But, there’s one small — yet very important detail — where couples have chosen to branch out even more and find alternatives to what the generations before them chose: engagement rings. Layer on the fact that the NUMBER ONE CONCERN for millennials is the environment, and the sudden popularity of lab-grown diamonds makes perfect sense.

Millennial couple

Benefits of Lab Created Diamonds

Before we dive into all the really great aspects of lab-grown diamonds, you might be wondering what they are exactly. Well…they’re diamonds. Their same chemical, physical and optical structure even led the Federal Trade Commission to change the definition of the word ‘diamond’ to include those created outside of the earth. So, why would you choose one over a mined diamond?

Your Sanity.

Shopping for an engagement ring can be frustrating, especially when trying to CHOOSE THE RIGHT RING STYLE. Even if you have a specific shape or setting in mind, the reality of large diamond chains is jacked up prices and pushy salesmen. This pain point alone is one of the jewelers at Clean Origin have created a shopping experience that eliminates the need to go into a store where the options may be limited — especially during the holidays.

But, don’t worry. You will still get all the help you need if you have questions about the four c’s, how to find her ring size or what to do if she doesn’t end up loving the ring. This is because the individuals who work at Clean Origin are actual jewelers, not businessmen like the owners of some of the other lab-grown companies. They have generations of experience in the diamond industry and know that a happy, satisfied customer is much more important than fulfilling a sales quota.

lab created diamond ring

The Earth.

As mentioned, millennials are passionate about a plethora of social issues, but the environment is their #1 concern. With giant vacuums SUCKING UP THE SEABED to find diamonds, mined diamonds are extremely detrimental to our earth and those residing on it. Not to mention, it takes considerably more energy to mine a diamond than it does to create one in a lab.

“It’s really important in life to be on the right side of history,” says founder of Clean Origin, Alexander Weindling. “We’ve evolved…science has solved the negative effects of diamond mining for us — and their solution is lab-grown diamonds.”

Your Wallet.

Even though couples are getting married later on in life, there’s still one universal aspect of ring shopping that people are still concerned about — price. Engagement rings with mined diamonds are atrociously expensive. In fact, some companies mark up their diamonds over 100%! Not only is this unnecessary, but it’s down right greedy. LAB-CREATED DIAMONDS ARE LESS EXPENSIVE due to the decreased supply chain, and the diamonds at Clean Origin are competitively priced even in the lab-grown industry. Your ring could be 20-30% less expensive when purchased from Clean Origin. This could also mean upgrading a 1.5 carat from a mined diamond store to a 2 carat at a lab-grown jeweler for the same price.

As the world continues to change, it’s important to stay up-to-date with history, just like the founder of Clean Origin said. Lab-grown diamonds are the new, environmentally friendly, ethical and less expensive alternative to mined diamonds. Why wouldn’t you purchase one?

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