The 5 most caloric fruits to consume with moderation

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It is true that when we talk about fruits, it is hard to believe that they can be caloric as they are beneficial to health most of the time. But for some fruits, you have to pay attention to their calorie intake which can be high and therefore not as healthy as you think. We must not stop eating, on the contrary, the fruits provide fibers that promote transit and digestion but we must know the good and the less good for the body. Here is for you, a small list of fruits to consume with moderation.

1. The dates

They are delicious to taste and for good reason! With more than 287 calories when consumed, dates are the most caloric fruits! If you like dried fruits a lot, prefer apricots or figs when you have a snack. But you can still indulge in eating dates at your breakfast. Calorie intake is important during the first meal of the day, so enjoy!

2. An avocado

Yes, because avocado is a fruit! And for half of this delicious fruit that is usually consumed as input, you will find 200 calories! So you have to pay attention to the amount when you eat avocado. It can also be consumed at breakfast, crushed on bread for example but try to restrict yourself to a lawyer a week not to consume too many calories and still enjoy its contributions in fat and omega 3.

3. Bananas

Although they are much less caloric than the previous fruits, they still provide 90 calories per banana. It is a nourishing food that you need and is good for your health with its fiber intake but must be consumed alone and without sugar additions to maintain its beneficial effects. It is however an excellent fresh fruit that stalls the small appetites!

4. The grapes

A nice bunch of grapes, red or white, always gives a little desire in the fruit rays of your stores. But they are often very sweet and their consumption must be reasonable. A bunch of grapes contains 72 calories and a lot of carbohydrates. Try to vary with other fruits during a day.

5. The cherry

She is so pretty and looking so juicy that we can not refuse this little pleasure of summer. But know that each cherry contains 68 calories! And it is rare that we are content to eat only one! She hides her game well, she who looks so small and innocent! But that’s not the case, and the cherry is the worst enemy of diets!

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