The miraculous ketogenic diet!

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In Canada, a 3-year-old girl has many epileptic seizures a day due to her disease: autoimmune encephalitis. Her parents have tried everything to try to calm their little girl’s fits, but nothing works, until the day a neurologist proposes a special diet that will change their lives.

Little Tiana was almost 3 years old when she was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis. It is a disease that lets the immune system produce the wrong antibodies and attack the child’s brain. The little girl no longer ate, spoke no more and did not walk anymore.

The girl’s parents tried many drugs and treatments to try to restore a normal life to their daughter but nothing worked. She has even gone through chemotherapy that has stabilized her health but not to treat it. It was then that the family met a young neurologist who explained the benefits of a special diet.

The diet prescribed by the neurologist is a ketogenic diet that consists of eating foods high in fat but low in sugar. The results came quickly. The little girl was no longer convulsing and even started talking with her family members. She had not made a sound in a few years and her parents were delighted with the progress she was making.

The diet is ideal for the little one who ingests 90% of its calories by eating fat (avocado, cream, mayonnaise, oil ..) The body uses fat as a source of energy instead of using carbohydrates that are not present in this diet and produces ketones that then go to the brain.

According to the nutritionist who follows the girl and her neurologist, the effects of nutrition on the body would be underestimated in medicine and could be considered before the medication of patients. The ketogenic diet obviously requires a medical follow-up but the side effects are much less important than with the drugs. The goal, in the long term, is to be able to use nutrition instead of drugs to be able to witness miracles like that of little Tiana.

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