Top 10 Reasons Why Thailand Should Be On Your Honeymoon Bucket List

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Honeymoon is a very significant part of your life as it marks the start of your married life.  There’s no doubt you want to make it as memorable as you can and enjoy to the fullest. 

You can make this real by going to a unique place with breathtaking features, magnificent places to visit and great activities to keep you engaged.

One such place with all the above features is Thailand. Those planning to go on a honeymoon should make Thailand their ideal destination. This article will discuss the top ten reasons why Thailand should be in your bucket list for a honeymoon.


Thailand has many incredible places to visit, and Koh Lanta tops the list.  Koh Lanta is an island district in Krabi Province.  It’s secluded from Thailand’s party sites making it suitable for couples who want to be in serene places and left largely alone.

In Koh Lanta, you will be amazed by its beautiful landscapes.  With coral-fringed beaches, colorful mangrove, rainforests, limestone outcrops, Khao Mai Kaew caves, and Khlong Chack waterfall, this place is full of mind-blowing adventures.


From flying in at a low price to being treated to cheap but delicious food, everything in Thailand is affordable.  Their attraction sites are also inexpensive but eye-catching.  When it comes to accommodations, you will get a ton of value for your money.  What you will pay for a luxurious five-star room in Thailand amounts to a three-star room in the UK.  You can also buy Courvoisier gift packs at affordable prices and gift your loved ones.  Who wouldn’t want to spend at such a budget-friendly place?


In Thailand, you will never run out of things to do, or be forced to repeat some activities due to lack of options.  You can go rock climbing on the coastal part of Thailand, take a leisure walk through the Buddhist temples, and take a boat ride while enjoying the beautiful view of mangroves all around. Visit the Koh Lanta ethnic villages and enjoy the original Thai culture while having a taste of their mouthwatering meals. Have you ever come close to an elephant? Here you will get once in a lifetime chance of washing and riding an elephant. Sounds scary, right? On the contrary, it is fun.


Thailand has incredible national wonders with breathtaking sceneries that will leave you in awe. Its coast is naturally beautiful, limestone cliff protruding from the sea at unimaginable angles. The lush jungles found to the north of the country have beautiful waterfalls that you can’t keep your eyes off them. They also have clear blue hot springs that you can comfortably relax in while wearing your BLACK CORSET dress. These scenes are epic; your honeymoon photos wouldn’t have a better background than these.


Yes, you read it right “floating markets.” We are used to markets on dry land, but in Thailand, you will enjoy a rare view of floating markets in the sea. You sail to the floating markets in Bangkok using charming boats. Not only will you shop for local fruits and souvenirs, but you will also get a chance to enjoy Thai cuisines in floating restaurants in that market. The Bangkok floating market has two restaurants, tailing Chan and Khlong Hat Mayom.


Have you ever wondered why Thailand is called the land of smiles? It’s because it hosts the friendliest people on the entire face of the earth.  You don’t want to deal with rude people during your honeymoon; they will spoil your mood. In Thailand all the people you interact with are friendly. From cabin crews, street food vendors to room cleaners, you will have the best experience that will add a spark to your honeymoon.


It’s said that good food is the soul’s medicine. What else will make your honeymoon more enjoyable than having a nourished soul? The four classic Thai flavors salty, spicy, sour and sweat are known to feature in all their meals. These flavors make their meals incredibly delicious and finger licking. For DARK CHOCOLATE lovers, you will not be disappointed. Thailand got some of the best at a very affordable price.


If you enjoy hopping from one island to another, then you should join the four island tour. Put on your best swimming costume and swim in the sea’s clear waters. If you dive deep into the sea, you will be treated to a variety of underwater corals and different fish species. The white beaches with palm trees will serve as an excellent relaxing point after you finish swimming.

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